What Does Kanna Do? The Effects of Kanna Explained

What Does Kanna Do? The Effects of Kanna Explained

by Aaron Cadena on Sep 13, 2021

Occasionally, a botanical agent shows up that quite literally steals the spotlight. Kanna could be described as just that—a spotlight-stealing botanical extract that is currently getting a TON of well-deserved attention. It really is no wonder, as kanna is being noticed for its noteworthy ability to boost moods, curb social anxiety, and even keep your appetite at bay. 

While you may have heard of kanna, you may not have had a formal introduction to this historically valuable extract with a totally modern interest. So, what is kanna, and how does it make you feel? Let's take a closer look. 

What Does Kanna Do?

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Scientifically known as sceletium tortuosum, kanna is considered a sacred herb in some parts of the world. The plant itself is a creeping succulent, which spreads on the ground in some desert climates, specifically in South Africa. 

Historically, kanna has been used both as a mood-altering substance and played a major role in spiritual ceremonies. The first known documented mention of using kanna dates all the way back to 1662. The writer had this to say in reference to the South African natives who had recently chewed kanna

"...Their eyes sparkled and their faces manifested laughter and gaiety. Thousands of delightsome ideas appeared, and a pleasant jollity which enabled them to be amused by simple jests."

Dried leaves plucked from the plant or the roots of the kanna plant were either chewed, made into a tea or brew, or even used as a sort of snuff or placed in a pipe to smoke. Native people in South Africa often relied on kanna to ease the challenges of long travels on foot because the plant seemed to keep hunger at bay, moods upbeat, and even soothe physical ailments. 

While kanna may have been popular among only a specific group of people centuries ago, word on the value of kanna extract eventually reached other populations. Today, kanna is valued across continents by modern people for its uplifting, therapeutic effects. The extract of this simple succulent has been examined by the scientific community for its unique properties and possible use as a medicinal agent. Many everyday people make kanna a part of their regular routine because they enjoy the positive outlook and induced state of emotional relaxation the extract can provide. 

The Effects of Kanna Explained

How Does Kanna Work?

If your curiosity is piqued, you no doubt want to know more about the effects of kanna and how using the extract will actually make you feel. The general consensus from experienced kanna users is the extract can give you an overall sense of emotional well-being and possibly a touch of euphoria. You may feel: 

  • Enhanced or heightened mood
  • Less tense or less stressed 
  • Slightly energetic 
  • More focused 
  • More socially in-tune with others
  • Less self-conscious 
  • More sensitive to touch 

In short, kanna is often touted as a good extract to try if you are looking for a more positive state of mind or greater ease dealing with typical stressors of life. It is exactly this uplifting action that has made kanna extract desirable for both recreational use and its spiritual effects. Some retreats even use kanna in spiritual "awakening" ceremonies or in psychosocial gatherings to "open the heart." 

Kanna extract offers these feel-good effects by inhibiting serotonin transporters in the brain, which means serotonin is present longer instead of getting reabsorbed. This action is similar to what is induced by prescription selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), which are frequently prescribed for either anxiety or depression.

As an adage, kanna extract has been examined in small concept studies to prove that it could potentially enhance mood, sleep, and cognitive function.

These studies may be small and limited, but they both offer evidence that the effects of kanna people report are exactly the effects witnessed in scientific examinations. 

How is Kanna Used?

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As noted above, kanna has been used and consumed in quite a few ways throughout history. Thankfully, modern manufacturers have taken it upon themselves to make sure kanna-seekers have access to products that are easy to consume. While not all-inclusive, you can find kanna in several forms, including: 

  • As a tea 
  • Incorporated into a fluid tincture 
  • Encapsulated in an easy-to-swallow capsule 
  • In loose powder dried herb form 

While you can find kanna in many forms, one of the most preferred methods of consumption is capsules. Capsules are easy to dose and give you exact measurements, so you know how much kanna extract you are taking in. While it would be difficult to overdose on kanna, you could take a bit too much and experience more heightened euphoric feelings or more relaxation than you prefer. Therefore, taking a conservative dose is always recommended. 

Not only are capsules easy to take, but they are also great for combining kanna with synergistic compounds. For example, Hello Kanna Hello Happy supplements offer kanna and a vitamin B complex, both of which can uplift your mood. Likewise, Hello Calm gives you a combination of kanna, ashwagandha, and vitamin D, all of which are good for leveling you out and keeping you relaxed. 

A Final Word On Seeking Your Own Kanna Experience

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Kanna extract is definitely worthy of experimenting with if you struggle on occasion with things like moodiness, lack of focus, or stress. The scientific research into kanna may be just getting started, but the anecdotal reports of people who have found profound benefits by using kanna continue to grow. 

If you do intend to try kanna for yourself, make sure you trust only a reputable source for your products. Look for companies that offer transparency when it comes to ingredients, right down to third-party lab testing to stand as proof of analysis. 

Hello Kanna is all about connecting people with the therapeutic benefits of kanna so they get to reap the true positive effects. We offer a full collection of kanna blends, including Hello Pure, Hello Focus, and other proprietary blends. Plus, we give you access to Kanna Paks, which contain only six capsules for people just looking to give the extract a try.

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