Say Hello to a Better Mood

Enjoy the natural relief you've been looking for with our vitamin and nootropic infused kanna blends

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Say Hello to a Better Mood

With the Powerful All-Natural Benefits of Kanna

  • Relieve Stress

    Kanna has incredible relaxing and calming effects that can begin up to 15 minutes after ingestion, and can last for hours

  • Ease Worry

    Kanna is a natural mood booster that gives you the confidence you need to feel your best  

  • Control Hunger

    Kanna has been used for hundreds of years to help control hunger by native peoples in South Africa and beyond

  • Enhance Cognition

    Kanna is a nootropic, and teamed up with our proprietary blend, the cognition enhancement is powerful

Meet Your Nootropics

Take your experience to the next level with the combined properties of our proprietary Kanna extract and powerful, all-natural nootropics like L-Tyrosine and Ashwaghanda Root.

Helps to create key biological compounds, including dopamine, epinephrine and thyroid hormones (which regulates metabolism). Dopamine has a large role in brain activities linked to reward, motivation, and pleasure, and plays a crucial part in modulating focus, motivation, cognitive flexibility, and emotional resilience.


With 4,000 years of traditional use, studies show Ashwagandha significantly reduces symptoms of stress, anxiety, depression and insomnia, while promoting learning and memory retrieval.  Its antioxidant properties also protects nerve cells from harmful free radicals. We use KSM-66 extract, the most powerful Ashwaghanda root extract available.


Studies suggest alpha-GPC can improve physical performance as well as mental performance in psychometric tests.  It has  been showing to be a powerful therapeutic agent in cognitive recovery and vascular dementia. 


This incredible herb is known as an adaptogenic, which means it increases your body's resistance to stress.  It has also been shown to elevate mood and reduce levels of cortisol, and some ADHD symptoms, such as restlessness, poor self-control, inattention, and impulsivity.


Shown to improve speed in cognitive tasks and improved attention, citicoline has potent neuroprotective effects.  It has also been shown to improve memory, as well as stimulate the release of the neurotransmitter dopamine, which we ALL love.


Ginger has been shown to improve reaction time and working memory, as well as inhibit age-related cognitive decline.  Ginger has powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects.  It also has been shown to lower the risk of bacterial and viral infection.  

  • What is Kanna?

    Kanna is a succulent plant originating from South Africa.  It has been used by people in traditional medicines and ceremonies for hundreds of years.

  • What does Kanna do?

    Kanna is known for many benefits including its easing of tension and stress, reduced worry and a greater sense of self-confidence.  

  • Why Hello Kanna?

    Great Kanna, provided by people that love Kanna.  All natural, lab verified, third party tested with Vitamin D and other powerful vitamins and botanicals :)

Meet Your Vitamins

Go further with Vitamin D and B6 Support

4 out of 10 people are deficient in this amazing vitamin, that is essential for healthy immune function. It also has incredible antidpressant and moodboosting qualities. The sun loves giving us this vitamin!


Used for the production of several important neurotransmitters like serotonin, dopamine, norepinephrine, and gamma-aminobutyric acid.  B Vitamins give you the building blocks to feel lifted.


We have standardized our extracts, so you get consistent alkaloid profiles, every time.  This is why with Hello Kanna you can find your perfect dose, and know it’s there for you when you need it.  We provide ≥4% mesembrine, with ≥5% total alkaloids.  


Enhancing executive function, including memory, decision-making, and creativity, are goals that nootropics have always aspired.  Our proprietary blend of potent, effective nootropics support the incredible benefits of our Kanna extract.

Botanical Medicine

Reported case studies have been successful; in some cases, patients have responded better to kanna than to conventional antidepressants.

All Natural

We use only the power of nature to achieve these wonderful results.  There are so many alkaloids and natural pathways to feeling your best.  

Lab Verified

How are you going to integrate a supplement into your regimen if you have no idea how much, if any, of the good stuff is in it?  Don't take our word for it...we have third-party lab results for all of our extracts.

What do people think?

"It gives me with a heightened sense of calm.  Good before I work and when I get home."

"Great for help with mood and hunger during intermittent fasting!"

"Such a great mood booster.  I don't feel any side effects when I take it or the day after.  So nice to have something that doesn't make you dependant."

Energy, but not that shaky type of energy.  It’s like a shot of motivation and focus.  

I use it when I start to feel anxious and it works quickly.

"I just feel better."